06 March, 2010

Mixed bag of emotions today.

All sorts of emotions:

I am packing again...
but it is for a weekend of deputation at a church that could be getting excited about Japan and mission. And includes a Japan night tonight - Japanese food, kimono, origami, videos etc. FUN! Tiring!

But it means packing and deciding what to wear (too many factors to consider) and sitting in a car for too long with three boys. It means getting everyone to a 7.45am service tomorrow and then pushing them through a whole day at church.

But I'm excited that Mum and Dad have just arrived back safely from an adventure to Peru visiting a missionary from their church. I couldn't imagine them doing such a thing 20 years ago! Glad they're back, though. Imagine what they go through watching us do all this overseas stuff.

In this mix, I have a dreadful sense of lethargy. Not really ready for the 'beginning' of my working week (although, as you know from this previous post, I really haven't had a quiet, non-working week). It often seems in this kind of work that the week is the relative down-time and the weekend is the time you work really hard. Opposite of most people (except others in church work). Again, we're on the edge of ordinary.

Trusting God will help me wade through the emotions and get on with the work he's given.


-J said...

Yes, the weekends are the times we work really hard. Sometimes I find it hard that when I have down time and want to hang out with friends (during the week), no one is available, and when they have down time and invite me to do things (on the weekends), I am not available. H.A. doesn't necessarily lend itself to time with friends ... unless you really work at it, of course. Hope this isn't a downer. All that to say I understand, and trust you'll experience Him and His peace in the midst of the emotions and heavy work week(-end)!

KKCambLogos said...

Remember, in His strength we can do all things. On our own, it's very hard work. That's not saying it's not hard work with Him, but the bonus is the extra strength He gives us to serve Him, doing things we would really struggle to do on our own. Have a great week, and glad your Mum & Dad are home safely. I'll bet they have some adventures to share.

island said...

praise God that your folks are back safely! :)

hang on wendy. our God is great and will provide you strength...