14 March, 2010

Another common assumption

Another common assumption people make about us it that we somehow don't have a life outside of speaking in church groups. As in, they don't realise our kids are in school and that we actually have a house we call 'home' in Australia (even though it is rented, though lots of people call rented places home!).

The conversation usually goes something like this at the end of a time spent with a church (in this case a church out of Brisbane):

"So, where are you off to now?"

"We're headed back to Brisbane. The boys have school tomorrow."

"Oh...I suppose they do. Do you have a house there?"

"Yes, a rented place in..."

The conversation usually veers off now onto, how on earth we managed to rent a place (like that is so unusual!) or how the boys are doing in school or how they manage switching schooling systems etc.

People generally have no idea how ordinary our lives are! How relatively easily they can connect with us. They don't have to ask us questions about Japan all the time! We live lives that are not unrecognisable to themselves.

I just find it slightly amusing that they obviously think we've got these three lively boys on holidays for 12 months or something.

My Mum was shocked when I mentioned this to her today. Shocked that people thought that way and shocked that we end up with at least one conversation at nearly every church which goes along the lines of the above one! They should all read my blog, don't you think?

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