31 March, 2010

Australia - the land of the free car park

Even after nine months I am still a little shocked to find so much free parking in Australia. In Japan we paid to park our bikes at the train station. We paid to park our car to go to church (church has no car park). Our doctor had a tiny free car park, but half of the time it was full and I had to go to a paid park up the road.

Last weekend in Canberra we went to three big tourist destinations - all of them had free parking and only one had an entry fee! I never have trouble finding a park at the doctor here and I don't think we've met a church without a car park in Australia (though possibly there are some in inner city areas).

We're enjoying this land of wide open spaces. A house where we can let visitors park out the front of our house or in the driveway - where they can park with no fear of blocking the road. Amazing!

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