01 April, 2010

Easter in Australia and other things

Easter in Australia
A four day weekend plus slightly cooler autumn weather inspires lots of camping over this weekend. For the first time ever the Marshalls are joining in what appears to be a national pastime! We'll be camping with friends for three nights early next week.

Actually it is amazing to be in a place that actually takes notice of Easter - even if it is mostly chocolate and Easter bunny ears.

Marshalls touring again
We're also about to embark on another grand tour of our immediate families - the last for two to four years. To say that we're enthusiastic about packing up again is to be very inaccurate. Yesterday I estimated how many kilometres we'd collectively done in March and it approaches 5000! And about 1/3 of March was spent living our of suitcases (by one or more member of the family). Ouch.

Thankfully after this 'grand' tour, we'll be mostly 'at home' for the next 2 1/2 months until we move out and go back to Japan.

But back to today, I actually have an urgent list of things on a stick-it note next to me - that doesn't include blogging!


KKCambLogos said...

Glad you found time for the blogging anyway!

Ken Rolph said...

I hope you at least got Easter bilbies for the kids.

Wendy said...

To be honest, Ken, I'm not sure I'm up to eating something as rare as a bilbie. Actually we had a Japanese lady come back from Australia at this time of the year last year and put some very difficult questions to me about eating bilbies...I might have even blogged on it.

Ken Rolph said...

Bilbies are better for eating than bunnies. Bilbies have a pointy nose which you can bite off first.

Then the ears, and work your way down. There is a code!