23 April, 2010

Wardrobe meme?

I've been intrigued to see something called a meme going around the blogosphere. Not knowing what that was, I asked the dictionary which said:
a cultural item that is transmitted by repetition in a manner analogous to the biological transmission of genes.
It is a form of circular letter under a different name?
In any case the goal of this one is to list five things in my wardrobe that I couldn't live without.

1. T-shirts for summer and skivvies (or turtle necks) for winter. They are comfortable, flexible and more often than not don't require ironing. 
2. Shoes - for summer a good comfortable pair of walking shoes for winter and for summer comfortable sandals I can walk in without getting blisters that go with shorts and skirts.
3. Just above knee-length shorts. Perfect for relaxing on an Aussie summer day. Although I've had to move to wearing skirts more often this summer, shorts are still my preferred option.
4. Singlets - in winter these are my key for keeping warm. Plus long johns in a Tokyo winter.
5. Light casual over-shirts/jackets. These are perfect for in-between weather.

I also want to mention colour. You cannot know what someone's wardrobe looks like without knowing something about the colours they wear.

My husband jokes that I've taken a serious wardrobe deviation this year. I've been stocking up my wardrobe, after having a major purge of elderly clothes before we left Japan last year. The difference is that I've bought more red than I've ever had before. In fact it used to be a colour I avoided. My wardrobe still abounds in browns, greens and purples, though. Pink is a colour I never buy, except in underwear, however recently I was given a cosy pink bathrobe that has just won my heart (because it is so comfortable, not because of the colour), so pink has crept into my at-home wardrobe anyway.

PS The 'memes' I've seen have tagged other people. So just for fun I tag Mrs Q and Helen. (Hope I got the tagging thing right.)


Ken Rolph said...

The meme as an item of culture is one thing. What some people on the internet call a meme is another. They are trying to get other people to spread some idea. This often takes the form of a quiz or survey. Their aim is to get the thing spreading, so it is a bit like a chain letter in that regard.

Wendy said...

Thanks for that clarification Ken. "Chain letter" is the phrase I was searching for when I wrote "circular letter".
Are you going to join the meme? Oh, I guess I didn't tag you...

Ken Rolph said...

Memes online are a kind of game. Also a manipulation. The word is made up of me-me. I try not be allow myself to be manipulated. The internet is full of enough stuff as it is.