08 April, 2010

Our camping adventure

We've just spent three nights in the wilderness with friends. Four adults and five kids. No electricity (except in the showers and toilets, which were a few hundred metres away). No fridge! And a cheap second hand tent that leaked.

We (David and I) had to evacuate the tent the first night when our bed got wet. Thankfully our friends had room at their feet where we could squeeze in. Thankfully there was a spare tarpaulin that prevented the rain on the next two nights getting into our abode.

Before the sun rose on our first day, we discovered that tents hold in very little noise and let in a lot of light. Our boys were up and SHOUTING before five most mornings! If I hadn't been so exhausted by the night, I'd have been in their tents attempting to strangle them.
Strangely it didn't rain once during the day. The days were beautiful, actually. Not too hot, cool in the mornings and evenings.

We were located on the edge of a shallow salt water lake. On the second day we hired motor boats and spent a day motoring up a local river. There were not many people around and the water way wound its way through national park. It was gorgeous.

The worst part of the whole adventure was the packing up, really. And I didn't even do most of it. I ended up minding the kids. And as my resources to keep them busy were gradually packed away and their tempers worsened, it became a less enjoyable activity. Add to that the knowledge that we had a six hour drive awaiting us after we finished. It was a tiresome day. And that after a few tiring days - broken nights and early starts.

But worth it! Now we're contemplating getting into camping in Japan as a way to cheaply see more of the country-side. We'll just have to train up these boys to help a little more. And get some equipment. Especially a tent that won't leak in gentle rain.


Ken Rolph said...

When you are back in Japan will you miss the six hour drives?

Wendy said...

Probably not! On Tuesday we have an 8 hour one. We're pretty used to it now, but we're looking forward to 'settling down'!