19 April, 2010

Moving from crazy to calm - can she do it?

We sent the boys back to school today and I headed off on my usual Monday morning routine - gym and grocery shopping. It gave me time to process the last two weeks.

The last two weeks have held Easter, my birthday, travel in a car over something like 1 500km, camping for the first time, visits to family, farewells with family we won't see for about two years and a variety of stressful social situations with family that I'd rather not reveal here. We spent 12 nights away, spending only two or three nights in each place and travelled more than an hour on six of the twelve days!

All this followed an extra busy month of visiting churches and a month in which we'd (collectively) travelled more than 4 600km by car, train and plane.

Today I'm feeling a mix of relief that it is over and let-down that I have to stop running off adrenaline and have to settle for something more calm. Am I crazy? Probably. Possibly it is more fun to run around like mad than settle down to a more calm kind of life. A busy schedule does allow me to ignore the less urgent and more repugnant aspects of life, like cleaning house!

I am feeling a bit tired. I guess do have to rest too. THAT sounds like more fun.

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