24 April, 2010

Beautiful on the inside

Our family significantly lowered the average age at an OMF Alumni reunion today. A meeting where 65 is considered young! Most there were former missionaries, some had even been born in China as missionary children and gone back later themselves.

What a beautiful meeting it was. I love elderly missionaries. Their focus on God, their heart for the unsaved, their God-view of the world

One reason they are so beautiful on the inside is that they've gone with a God-focus through their lives. That has meant lots of adjusting. Lots of change. Lots of other-love. They are humble, prayerful and full of praise for God's grace in their lives.

Most of them pray for us. Many came up and thanked us for our prayer letters. Most of them know details about our lives that many recipients of our prayer letters miss - merely because they comb those letters for details and pray over them, often daily.

It was a joy to be among them and it was hard to pull away to go to a totally different scene in the middle of lunch - the Australian sporting Saturday scene. Our 10 y.o. plays basketball in a league that competes on Saturdays.

I enjoyed watching him play (he's getting good). But I enjoyed our God-focused company better.

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Tim and Susan said...

Always blessed by those wonderful prayer warriors!