26 April, 2010

Tired of meeting and telling

I'm a bit tired. Our weekend has turned out busier than I thought.

Saturday we (as I blogged) went to and OMF Alumni reunion for morning tea and lunch then rushed off to basketball. Most of the day was gone by then!

Sunday we went to our local church. Church always, even a home church, produces lots of questions to answer and as we hadn't been there since February, there were many questions. After a quiet lunch and rest time at home we buzzed over to the home of good friends who have three children almost the same age as ours and stayed until after eight. A wonderful fun time, relaxed and full of untangling social relationships between six energetic children. But more questions to be answered and discussed.

Today we dashed off down the coast to visit two families we haven't seen for years. Uni and church friends from uni days. One family we hadn't seen in ten years! The conversation was intense. The nine children between our three families added to the liveliness of the reunion. But of course, more questions. Often excellent ones, but requiring concentration and heaps of generalisation. 

We agree that we're both pretty tired of this deputation. Tired of telling the same stories, answering questions like we know what we're talking about. Tired of explaining our 'on the edge of ordinary' lives to Australians. Tired of saying 'hi' to only turn around and say 'bye, see you in four years'.

It is a natural progression towards the end of a decent length home assignment. Probably one we shouldn't resist, because it makes it easier to leave this to go back, when so many other things are pulling us back from saying goodbye again.


Catherine said...

Hard, Wendy.

Thinking of you in this season.

Wendy said...

Thanks Cath!