18 April, 2010

Japanese and friendships

I've found a survey of Japanese people's thoughts on friendship here. It is illuminating. Particularly for one who's spent eight years in Japan trying to make friends! And the other two years of the decade trying to explain to Australians why it is difficult to make friends in Japan with Japanese.

Here is a sample:

Over 40% admitted to having only four or fewer friends.

55% of those friends were made at high school.

Q5: Which friends are the bedrock of your current interpersonal-relationships?
29.2% said children. 24.9% said parents. 16.6% said no one in particular.

Q6: Regarding socialising, which of the following describe you? (Sample size=13,534, multiple answer)
47.4% said it was best to keep a certain distance from other people.
8.3% said they often invite friends over to their house.

I wonder how Australians would answer these questions?

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