12 March, 2010

Getting better

I'm gradually getting better. Got out and got my hair trimmed, finally, though it doesn't look much different. At least she didn't blow-dry all the wave out of my hair, like Japanese hairdressers do. (Generally I come home from Japanese hairdressers and my family doesn't recognise me.)

But frankly, I'm sick of lying down. I've spent a good portion of this week flat on my back. My head's still been working fine, but body let me down. I tried to read, but don't have a good novel going at present (there's a story behind that). I've been trying to read Christian non-fiction, but there is only so much of that that you can take in at one time. I played lots of sudoku on our hand-held electronic game. I'm getting better at it!

I also thought a lot about various conversations I had on the weekend. For some reason the one that keeps bugging me was the weird one with an evangelistic home schooler. I still can't make a lot of sense of the exchange. One story my husband told sparked her off - a brief mention of one of his students and how if CAJ (Christian Academy in Japan) wasn't there, then this student's parents might not stay on as evangelists in Japan. Somehow this story prompted a discussion that led to an exhortation from this lady to encourage missionaries in Japan that home schooling works! I cannot figure out how we ended up there, but there you go. I hope she felt satisfied that she'd done the right thing!

Anyway, I'm now going to attempt to walk to school and back (over a hill)to collect the boys. We'll soon see how well I am and whether I'm ready to take on the solo parenting task that becomes mine after David leaves tomorrow morning (he's going to help his dad in recovering from a hip replacement) for five nights.


Ken Rolph said...

It must be hard to do a samurai sudoku on a hand-held device! I do my Saturday newspaper one using a spreadsheet template I designed. It gives me access to the undo button, which I suppose makes me lazy.

You should always remember when talking to homeschoolers that they will try to justify their stance. I've never had a conversation with one who didn't.

Wendy said...

Ken, It isn't easy to do sudoku on a hand-held device, in fact when we first received it as a present, I dismissed it. However, with practice it has turned out to be a most useful thing for passing time in waiting rooms, train platforms and, yes, waiting for ills to pass.

Wendy said...

Regarding home schoolers, we have a number of home schooling friends, actually friends from the whole spectrum. I'm not unused to speaking to home schoolers. This conversation was a little on the edge of ordinary, however.