17 March, 2010

Hanging about at home

Still stuck at home with a sick child. Actually I have a lot of sympathy for him because it looks almost exactly like what I had last week. A 'bug' that makes you vomit on the first day and then torments you with stomach cramps for several days afterwards. Especially that you feel better in the mornings than the afternoon and evenings!

So, instead of going shopping, like I'd planned, I shopped on-line. I bought these two books from Fishp#nd.com.au and some clothing labels for school (yeah, exciting shopping) and a personalised pencil case for our 4 y.o.'s birthday next month from Stuck #n Y#u. (Sorry for the Os being replaced, I just don't want to be spammed.)

David gets home tomorrow around lunchtime. Things haven't gone as planned for him either. He went to be with his Dad after his hip replacement, all were expecting him to be discharged early this week, but alas, his recovery has been slow. At least David could take some of the burden off of his sister in the visiting stakes (she has a young son and they are all a long way from the homes in the country).

Decision still pending on the house, it's on my mind a lot. At least we'll be able to talk about it once he's home.

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