18 February, 2010

A feast of nostalgia

You might have thought the weekend at Kingaroy was enough nostalgia for one week, but apparently not. Today I went back to university. Back to my old haunt. Back to hitting the books. I've mentioned earlier here and here that one of my goals during this year in Australia was to refresh my knowledge and skills in Occupational Therapy and specifically kids and handwriting. So, when two separate things were cancelled for today, leaving a big empty square in my diary, I made a quick decision to go to the uni library, where I knew I could access research and textbooks at almost no cost. It was a little scary this morning before I left, I'm not sure why. Maybe a case of being off the horse for too long? But once I'd found a park and started wading into journals, I had no problem slipping back into the whole deal. I spent about four hours reading, taking notes and photocopying. Trying to not only catch-up on what's happened in research over the last 10 years, but also trying to get a grasp on how I could apply that to working in Japan. I think I've made some progress. I also think that I'll have to go back and do a little more research and a lot more thinking. In the meantime, I'm pretty pleased with myself. The whole day of professional development cost me only $10 (not including petrol or food). There isn't much you can get for $10 these days!

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