26 February, 2010

Tithing Test Me in This

I've found a place to get free Christian books, in exchange for a small amount of work. Reading the book and posting a review here. Here's my first review:
Tithing Test Me in This by Douglas LeBlanc

Far from being a long and tedious theological argument for tithing, this book takes a fresh approach. The author tells experiences of number of Americans who practice tithing. The overwhelming impression is that tithing is a basic guideline that God gives to believers. The interviewees felt that it was a bare basic in the generosity God expects of us.

The denominational backgrounds vary, most of which I wasn't familiar with. Their perspectives on tithing varied too. However none of them are considering giving it up. All felt themselves blessed. One couple said felt that tithing is not only a matter of obeying God. It is also a conscious way to resist the self-worship that accompanies greed and stinginess.

Most had chosen to live simply and their lives expressed generosity beyond the sharing of their finances.

I enjoyed the book, though in places there were terms and traditions I was unfamiliar with. As missionaries we have learned to live simply, minimising our belongings and thinking carefully about how we use our money and time.

It was refreshing to read about others who live simply. Challenging to read about the generosity of others. Inspiring to read about how God’s blessings flow through His people to others and back to the giver. Disclaimer: A complimentary copy of this book was provided to me for review by Thomas Nelson Books <http://BookSneeze.com>. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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Janet said...

Sounds like a good read and a challenginge one :-)