12 February, 2010

Thoughts turning to Japan

Now that our big summer adventure adventure is over (summary: visit family across Queensland for Christmas, do Scripture Union camp, take family holidays) our thoughts are turning to the rest of the year. The biggie in 2010 for us is, of course, returning to Japan. No one is letting us forget, either, the question frequently gracing our interactions with others: "So, when are you going back?" The way I think of it is that people are thinking of how much longer they have to put up with us hanging around OR they're wondering if they can already say goodbye and forget about us. Either way (or possibly neither), we don't need much encouragement to turn our thoughts to Japan. Our boys are missing their Lego and other toys which were packed away and stored with 95% of our belongings. They're missing friends (and we are too). We're not yet tired of this crazy deputation lifestyle, but it is going to start to get tiresome as we tell the same stories again and again. Not to mention answer those questions, especially..."How much longer till you go?" We've started to accumulate some of those things which we cannot get in Japan and specifically want to take back with us, like an ironing board cover, two-handed-oven mitts, an Australian atlas etc. Later on I'll get over-the-counter medication stuff stocked up on too. Oh yes, Golden syrup, Promite and Vegemite as well. I've also been shopping for summer clothes for myself, which has been fun. Now I'm waiting for some winter specials to replace my aging jumpers and skivvies. I noted with interest that stirrup pants are back in...I must be getting old, I still have some stirrup pants from last time they were 'in'! Ah well, I guess I'll just be ahead of the curve this time, instead of the other way around. But, please don't plan our funeral yet. We WILL be around until early July, even if we start planning for our return early!

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Mrs Q said...

I'll make sure the Lego is out for when you visit next week!