03 January, 2010

Looking forward to 2010

There is much we don't know about the future, though we do try to fool ourselves by wishing everyone a "happy new year". Nevertheless, here are some things that the new year may hold for us and things I'd like it to contain:
  • More transition as we move back to Japan mid-year.
  • The above means more goodbyes, more packing, many more decisions about house, car etc.
  • I will be more involved in the production of Japan Harvest - the details are not clear yet, though.
  • I will continue to write articles and devotions.
  • I'll try to catch up a little in the Occupational Therapy field. Hopefully once we're settled in Japan will be able to help some of the younger kids at CAJ with handwriting etc.
  • My boys will continue to grow - this year they'll turn 5, 8 and 11!
  • The last year before David turns 40.
  • I want to continue to blog.
  • Moving back to Japan for our third term as missionaries puts us above the average for length of missionary service in Japan. A little scary, really. More and more, though, we know that is the right place for us to be, even if few understand that.


Hippomanic Jen said...

God's blessing on everything for 2010. I hope it is a wonderful year for all the family, and following God's path for you.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!