24 January, 2010

A week in the bush on our own

We've just spent a delightful week in the bush. As I mentioned in this earlier post, a couple let us house sit their property. For the second time in a month we couldn't see another house from our place of residence. Golly, we couldn't even see the road. Heaps of fun
  • teaching the boys to row a little boat
  • playing around on the dam (not IN the dam) and the island in the middle
  • 4 wheel driving
  • banging around in the bush
  • bush walking in a national park (including rock scrambling)
  • adopting a dog and chooks for the week
  • picking pears and plums from the trees themselves
  • find a python in the chook pen
  • doing a jigsaw puzzle
  • watching the cricket
  • no internet access to pull us away from relaxing
  • outdoor dining on the generous verandah
  • plenty of birds to observe
  • cool weather
Enough already? Possibly the best thing, though, was the sheer peace and lack of pressure we felt. Our mission recommends taking holidays at either end of our home assignment time. I can kind of understand that, but I do think that this middle-of-the-HA-year holidays we are not in transition and therefore much less exhausted and much more able to enjoy and relax.


KKCambLogos said...

Enjoy! You'll be back in the thick of school and deputation before you know where you are! Have fun covering school books.

Tim and Susan said...

Glad for a fun, restful get-away. The "ideal" beginning and end of HA vacations never really happen, I agree.

Hippomanic Jen said...

So glad to hear you had time to relax.

Footprints Australia said...

It all sounds great EXCEPT for the python in the chook pen ... shudder!