28 January, 2010

Holidays nearly over

Our kids start back at school on Monday (or Tuesday for our new Preppie). The holidays are almost over. We're ready for the end of holidays, not sure if we're ready for the beginning of school. Not in material sense (books, uniforms etc.) but in a mental sense. We're more than tired of daily coming up with an entertainment plan and the boys are fairly tired of each other, especially our youngest. He's had it with big brothers who don't always include him or listen to him or many other unvoiced complaints that he has. The B word is not often used in our house, but their actions show that they are fairly bored. Golly, this morning they even tidied their rooms and folded their PJs. Actions of bored children if I every saw them. Work is starting to encroach upon our brains. We're starting to think about the projects that we have to get to work on as soon as possible once the boys are back at school. The fact that we are tired of being away, yet have to leave Brisbane three times in the first two weeks of being home is registering. But I guess, at least we've had a good holiday. The worst kind of holiday is one that is over before you can take advantage of the relaxation that you gain from being away. Also why I tend to prefer stay-in-one-place holidays with little organised. The absolute opposite of the holidays that Japanese and Koreans (and other Asians, I'm not sure) tend to take. Well, I'd better get back to finishing the castle jigsaw puzzle and then feeding the troops (who are watching Monsters Inc.).

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