14 January, 2010

We're home

We're back in Brissie for a few short days. Physically, at least. We're pretty tired and wandering around in a little bit of a daze. In a few short days we'll finally head off on our "us only" holiday. A friend put it really well yesterday. She said, "You have such a people-intensive job, you need a people-less holiday." Yes, indeed. Before we go, we are meeting with various folk. Tonight we have a debrief over camp. So the people we've just spent five days with will get together with and hear the campers' feedback and, I guess, give our own feedback. Tomorrow and Saturday we have planned to spend time with friends/supporters - a meal each. Then off again. Sunday we'll kick off our "us only" holiday with afternoon tea with my family to celebrate my Mum's birthday. Getting a shopping list together to restock the pantry and fridge today was a challenge that my tired brain wasn't quite up to. I'm guessing I'll be back again before we leave. Now, the boys are all resting on their beds (it is just after lunch) in SQUIRT time - aka Special Quiet Individual Rest/Reading Time. They like the acronym. Sounds more fun than "rest time". Seeing as they're there, I should go and have a rest too!

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