20 July, 2009

All is quiet!

Today is the day I've been waiting for. The day when all three children are at 'school'. To add to the fun, my husband was home too, so we went out for coffee. Ah bliss. Gotta be careful, though, I might be accused of selfishness. Why else would I want my kids all at school - so that I can have coffee with my husband? Probably not. I am confident that they are getting a good education at the school they are in and that certainly we will all remain saner than if we were all together at home all the time. Just like mission, I believe that home schooling is a calling - and I don't have it!


Barbara said...

That sounds almost like a bad conscience! I think it's perfectly okay to enjoy the time alone with your husband :)

Wendy said...

Oh, I'm perfectly happy with spending time alone with my husband, we've done precious little of it lately. Some would say, however, that my motives for putting my kids in school are selfish.