18 October, 2016

Thrift shop craziness begins

Thrift Shop is about to begin (i.e. the set-up, the shop doesn't open until Friday). I'm feeling that normal pre-Thrift Shop tension: get-as-much-work-done-as-possible feeling because I know that I will barely sit at my work desk until this is all over. I know that there will be emails come in over that time that I won't adequately deal with. I know that at the end of Thrift Shop I'm going to be exhausted and it's going to take some time to get back into the work I'm doing now (mostly editing today).

But a friend put this photo up on Facebook today. It was a spontaneous group hug during set-up a few years ago.  It reminded me of how fun Thrift Shop is. It is a place to catch up with old friends and make new ones. It's a place to connect into the CAJ community. See here for an example.
Here's one of my friends and her two daughters,
all in teal and soaking up the atmosphere.
Here's another time when you can connect into the CAJ community: supporting sports, especially basketball and volleyball matches also in the school gym.

The seniors sell snacks, curry, hot dogs etc. at these home games. We often go down to mid-week games and have dinner. This particular occasion was heavily promoted, it was "Dig Teal Day". Everyone was encouraged to wear teal and they raised funds for ovarian cancer (I think the money was given to a school family who fighting ovarian right now).

It was a great night with lots of students and parents. But especially students: very loud students. A great night of school spirit.
Volleyball in motion. Even the photographer was in green.

This is the gym foyer where they set up shop

But now I'm feeling that panic monster on my shoulder again, "Get back to work, Thrift Shop is coming." So it's bye for now folks.

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