12 October, 2016

Cheerful sunshine

I'm basking in sunshine as I type this. Yesterday was a horrible grey day that never made it up to 20 degrees. As a result I didn't resist the urge to retreat to an inside coffee shop at a local shopping centre. Though someone forgot to tell them to turn up the air con, it was chilly in there too, but at least it wasn't grey! 
Today, though, I'm basking in the sunshine that only comes into our house in autumn and spring. In mid-winter the house behind ours blocks the sun, it's sad. 
My desk is right next to a big southern-facing window, which is great when the sun is shining in on a cool day, but not so great when it's cold (or hot) on the other side of that glass. So even though today is an inside, desk day, outside is coming in and cheering me. Love it!

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