24 October, 2016

More links to free photo and graphics sites

Today I'm playing catch-up. It's amazing how much work can build up in just six days of being away from my computer. So many things to follow up on. I'm trying to remember to repeat: "Do the next thing, don't worry about the rest." But figuring out what the "next thing" is isn't always easy.

I've also been doing an introductory graphic design course over the last five weeks. It's a little scary how adding just a few extra hours of things I have to do into my week has made things very crowded at times. I think I learned some good stuff but was disappointed that I apparently needed expensive software to fully participate, something they didn't say upfront. I will lose access to the course material in the next 24hrs, so I haven't actually been able to listen to all the lectures either. Thankfully this was a free-deal that I got on a course that usually costs quite a bit, so I've gotten what I can out of it.
This cutie came from pixabay.com.

I'm most interested in inDesign as software for the design of layout of print documents and I do have that. The course has convinced me that more than doing courses, I just need to practise and be patient in looking up how to do things that I want to do. But practise over and over again is vital so that I can do things more automatically.

But they have given me a couple more links to free photo/icon/graphics sites:


http://dryicons.com for icons and graphics (vectors, if you know this terminology)


https://pixabay.com (over 700,000 free stock photos, vectors and illustrations that you can use anywhere).

For my own reference as much as anything, here are two other lists that I've found that are also helpful (and I've posted these links before):




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