17 October, 2016

Another campsite to discover

I'm a bit excited, we've got our next camping expedition booked. It's at a campsite on a lake at the base of Mt Fuji: Lake Sai, about two hours drive from home. 

We're heading off on the long weekend of American Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday of November. Perilously close to being officially winter! We've camped several times before on this weekend at a campsite a bit north of this one (see here for last year's camp roundup). That campsite has spectacular mountain views but last year we discovered that a couple of the things we really enjoyed about the campsite had disappeared: a big swing and the flying fox (zip line). So we decided to try a different campsite this year.

This one has advantage of not being on the side of a mountain, so hopefully it will be a little less cold. I loved the view at the previous campsite so I'm hoping that this one isn't a disappointment. Lake views can be great, though, and by the looks of what's on the website the lake is surrounded by mountains that appear to disappear straight into the lake. Plus there are other attractions like a mountain biking course, canoes to hire and nearby "bat caves". So we'll see if it is worth the swap. 

Check out the camp's website:

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