15 October, 2016

Relaxing yet productive day

Today was a slow day. They cancelled cross country so we got to sleep in. So nice. I read for quite a while after that too and breakfast for me was very late. I surely needed the rest, I've been feeling very tired recently. Today bears that out, I've relaxed and it just seems to have made me more tired. That ever happen to you?
Oh, it also was clothes-sorting day. Fortunately the boys
were cooperative on that front today: enjoying trying on
clothes that fitted at the end of last winter but
 don't necessarily still fit, evidence of growth!
Cherry Blossoms on my route home, they've nearly lost all their
leaves. Early bloomers and also early "fallers" (what's the opposite
of blooming?.
Yesterday was a busy day, I spent nearly three hours on the trains, had a three hour meeting (that was stimulating and enjoyable) then a quick lunch with my boss. I also had to take my middle son back to the orthodontist so they could have another go at getting an impression of his lower teeth for when his braces come off in a fortnight, an hour and a half venture. I was out of the house from 8.30 to 5.30.

It was a gorgeous day for our local primary school's
sports day. It was postponed from last Saturday
 because of rain. Surprisingly it wasn't noisy. I'm a
little disappointed, I didn't get to hear the final
performance of the trumpeters who've been
"serenading" us for the past few weeks.
After lunch today I rode to get groceries I didn't have time to get yesterday. It was gorgeous out. About 23 degrees, warm in the sun, cool in the shade. I rode home along the two rivers I showed you yesterday, just to absorb the gorgeous sun and cloudless sky (the latter being very unusual in Tokyo). Thankfully my eggs survived, they haven't survived that trip before, it is a little more bumping than my usual route home from the grocery store!
Then I baked. A good fairly relaxing activity for the afternoon. But I really had trouble getting my head into the game, more than usual. However I did manage to make enough for our family's snacks this week (and hopefully into next) as well as snacks to give towards feeding helpers as we set up for CAJ's Thrift Shop again this week. Unfortunately I'd also scheduled a "busy" evening meal: Tuna Lasagne, so I collapsed on my bed after dinner, quite done in. I'm feeling a bit better now.
I'm thankful that tomorrow is also a slow day, aside from going to church, which always tires me out (something about listening to a sermon in Japanese does that).

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Sarah said...

I love slow days. As an introvert, I find I really need them.