08 October, 2016

More bits of beauty

I've been busy today: early start at cross country, then a lunch date with my hubby (fourth in three weeks, this is great!), did some email, editing, and baking, and helped get one of my sons started on an English essay. Oh, and made dinner too.

So this is just a short post.
Purple is one of my favourite colours. I spotted
these cute berry-looking things while
out riding recently.
For scale.
Cross country wasn't so much fun, when we arrived it was drizzling lightly but about 30 sec before the start of the first race it started raining heavily and continued until lunch time. This meant the runners got saturated and the spectators got damp to varying degrees, depending on how prepared they were.

We did get to meet some new Aussies from CAJ. It turns out that Queensland is well represented in the boys CAJ cross country team. Four of the boys are from Queensland (three are ours, of course). There are precious few Aussies students at the school this year (about six or seven, I think there's another family we haven't met yet), and I don't think this new family knew there were any. Anyway, it was worth being there, just for that.

So this was just going to be a short post, showing you some more beauty I've found as I travelled around our local area.
And more scale. These are cute too. I don't know
either plant's name.
This one I shared on my Facebook page yesterday. It is
just off a road I've walked along many times near our
first house in Tokyo. The road is well "walked". There
are two train stations about 700m apart that people
regularly walk between, to the point that I used to hate
driving on that road as it is almost always full of people.
In any case, this is tucked away, in the
 midst of the grey concrete-bitumen world of the big
city is unexpected and pleasing to my eye. 
Oh, and this was my view for much of the two and a half hours I spent at the cross country meet.

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