25 October, 2016

Nothing spectacular here

My backyard view today. It's grey.
I'm feeling grumpy. Actually I was last night, but less so today. Playing catch-up isn't that fun. It makes you feel like you haven't achieved anything. 

I had multiple things going on yesterday that were unsatisfactory and unresolved, capped off by a headache and some unsatisfactory parenting concerns last night. It was grateful to call it a night on yesterday and start anew today. I was greeted with more bad news this morning, but thankfully after a good sleep was in a better position to be able to take it all.

I just want to keep things real here. I had someone tell me last week that I'm always very cheery to others (this was in response to my apologising for whinging about my kids to her the day before). I have a dichotomy going on: I want to be encouraging to others, but I also want to be honest and real. If you've read this blog for any length of time you'll probably know this.

So yesterday didn't have a lot going for it. I got to the end of the day wondering if I'd achieved anything of worth. I certainly didn't feel as though I had, even though I'd written more than 20 emails, and spent nearly two hours in meetings with people face-to-face and on the phone. At least the dinner I made was a success!

So what's going on (while trying not to offend anyone)?

  • overseeing organising a senior parents and student's banquet (when such a thing isn't really my thing)
  • complaints from teachers about a boy
  • complaints from boy about teachers
  • writers who write me long emails about their latest thoughts or make multiple changes on articles that are about to go to print
  • an overly busy design team who are struggling to get done what they want to get done
Plus other things: 

  • trying to stay on top of my boys and keep them responsible for their household jobs as well as their school work, not to mention feeding them and ensuring they get enough sleep
  • trying to track down information for people who contact OMF Japan via our website
  • trying to get my head around photo releases/licences for non-commercial website use
  • trying to finish a course before I lose permission to access the online material (failed on this one)
  • trying to keep a lid on my schedule with multiple demands for various sectors of my life
  • trying to source a photo for the cover of the magazine
  • trying to satisfy my bosses by producing the work they have for me that I've already agreed to do
Oh, and I've got a prayer letter to write this week too...

I'm still tired, despite a very quiet Saturday evening and Sunday. And it's a grey, cool day (winter weather for Qld: 18C). Autumn often gives me the sense of being sucked into a dim, dark, and depressing hole, especially on days like today.

This afternoon I'm thankful I have a massage planned, along with coffee with a friend.  Tomorrow I'm also planning on going for a long ride. It's forecast to be sunny and warm. 

Hopefully I'll be able to get out of this hole soon and back to a normal emotional level. In the meantime, please forgive me if I seem a little grumpy and out-of-sorts.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for such an honest post. I can pray so much more specifically when I know the downs as well as the ups! I do hope this time passes quickly and that it will soon be in the background, adding to the colour of this amazing tapestry

Can so identify with mood and weather being linked!

Thanks again for sharing. Bloggers are wonderful!