20 October, 2016

Fun while working

Thankfully I had a great sleep last night and enjoyed my day much more. But I'm still tired. I'm typing this on my phone while sitting in my "lounging" chair with my feet up and ice on my knees.

So, today I feature a couple of fun things about Thrift Shop.

1. Silly fun with other people.

Half of the Senior (Yr 12) class came in to help us this morning. They were in fine spirits. They did do some work, but there were some hilarious moments. Especially when one of the guys put on this tiny, sparkly shirt (it took help from a couple of others to get it on). He then added a black wig, a furry shoulder shrug, and picked up a guitar. The effect was stunning!

This is my son with a transformer mask.

We asked this friend, and fellow hard-worker to take the "triplet" photo below but first he tricked us by taking a selfie!

The red aprons indicate "responsibility". Thrift Shop committee members wear them. I thought three of us in red shirts was a fun coincidence and tried to get a photo with all three of us together but it was surprisingly hard to get us all in the same spot at the same time. Running Thrift Shop is a big job but fun moments like these help it to be a joy too. 

2. Crazy/interesting/unusual things that you find.

I think these are self-explanatory. 

I also did a bit of sign-work, especially late this afternoon. I couldn't resist taking this photo as an example of someone taking signs into their own hands. She obviously got a bit frustrated with what had been going on with the set-up of this table.

So now we rest and tomorrow is the fun, social day of Thrift Shop, when the CAJ and wider missionary community come to shop from 10 till 4. I get to sit down most of the day too as I work the registers, a great contrast to today. My knees will love me!


Roberta Peabody said...

gosh it would be nice to have the duck bin-- for my nephew

Sarah said...

Oh I would love to shop there! :)

Wendy said...

I'm sure you would Sarah. It is fun, especially when you are setting up house or have little ones. I've found less to be excited about as my boys are older (when they were younger it was like Christmas for them).