23 October, 2016

Thrift Shop Bargains

I give you one of my favourite posts: Thrift Shop bargains post. 

This hat I wore for a while during setup on Thursday, its very comfortable. It eventually came home with my dramatic youngest son for the Post-Thrift Shop Youth Group. A tradition whereupon leaders and youth dress up in whatever crazy things they've been able to find at Thrift shop. I didn't get the whole outfit, I was in bed when he left at 3 this afternoon. But I believe there was also a gaudy gold chain and a long slim red jacket. The effect was somewhat Willy-Wonker-ish. 
The same boy is an amazing bargain hunter. He needed a torch and found this new LED one for ¥200. 

He nabbed some comic books and other bits and pieces, all in free-shopping time just before we cleaned everything away yesterday. 

I found some DVDs (I got the rest of the West Wing series at last Thrift Shop) and David found some single flannelette sheets.

And some books: some for free. 

This was a surprise and also free. The Indian version of this little book. 
This was a freeby at the end. Two candles with cute candle holders and a snuffer. 
Our lounge room clock had died, this one is a great ¥100 replacement. 

A couple of ties, sports shorts and shirt. 

A new Christmas tree and a replacement umbrella. 
Something else I've been wanting: electronic scales and only ¥100.

Ever since I had my ears pierced a couple of years ago I've bene on the lookout for something like this:

And one of my favourite finds of the week: a back massage tool. You lie down with this centred on your spine and allow your body weight to press this into your muscles either side of your spine, then shift your body so that you get this right along your spine. I brought one of these back from my physio in Australia and it's called a BakBall, but it isn't as firm as this one. This one's better and cost way less than my BakBall!
That's not all our bargains, but I think it's enough to show you. 

After a snooze this afternoon, I think I'm closer to being ready to get back to ordinary life again tomorrow. 

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