26 October, 2016

Today's park ride

So, as I planned, I rode to the park today. It was a superb day. The temperature was about 10 degrees Celsius higher than yesterday (26C), the sky blue, and the air still.
Some of the trees are just starting to turn, a few have already
lost their leaves, I think those are mainly the Sakura.
This time of year the shadows become long quickly. This
was only 2pm.
I was there! I had a simple picnic under the tree. You can't capture birds tweeting
in a photo, but there was plenty of that. The serenity was delightful.
Lovely trees covered in moss.
Then I stumbled upon a bed of dahlias. Look at this gorgeous flowers.

I wasn't the only one enjoying them.
Beautiful sunlight.
And then at the end I discovered this cool dude enjoying the sun too.

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