02 October, 2016

Noisiest Sunday in the year

Today is the noisiest Sunday in the year on our street. Just 30m from our house our local kindergarten is running their annual sports day (see here for a previous post on the same event in 2011). An all-family affair, we've seen lots of dads, siblings and many grandparents too. 

Peering out our upstairs window at 11am it's harder to see what's
going on, but you can see the gate of the kindergarten and our
road which usually has pretty sparse traffic on a Sunday.
As I type there is an MC on a microphone interacting with the kids (lots of screams) and directing and announcing various events and results. Whistle blows, loud music blares, and young voices shoot. 

There's not as much crowd noise as you might expect, considering the hundreds who are packed into the small grounds like sardines. 
At 8.15 I peered out the only second floor window we have with a view down to the kindergarten and I saw a stream of people about four wide walking down the street and into the grounds. There were lots of bikes and the occasional car/taxi too. Make no mistake, this is a big event.
They run various races and relays not unlike the church picnic races of our childhood as well as various choreographed musical performances by the kids. They've been preparing for months. 

It's a gorgeous day for the event, though. After many grey, will-it-rain days, they've got sun and blue skies and temperatures in the high 20s today. 

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