03 March, 2013

One Mystery in Japanese Fashion

One of my daily challenges is thinking about what I'll post here. Many people might find that strange, but I find it stimulating. It's also a good writing challenge for me. One of the pieces of advice successful writers give is that to grow as a writer, you have to write. So, this blog has the secondary goal of giving me daily incentive to write and improve in my writing.

However, it is a daily "challenge". Some days I've prepared things beforehand, other days the topic lands in my lap part-way through the day. Sometimes times I have to work harder to find something and then on other days like today, I feel like there's nothing to write about, though I have several "half-starters" in my brain.

One of my strategies on these days is to seek inspiration from photos I've taken in the recent past. Today's photo I took some time ago, early in winter.

Artificial fur-trimmed shorts (and handbags,
backpacks etc) seems to be popular too!
We've been bemused for some years that the hem-lengths of women's clothes seems to shorten as the weather gets cooler. It is not uncommon to see young women in shorts (with tights and often long boots) in winter, but in jeans in summer!

From an pragmatic Australian point of view it makes no sense, but that's fashion, as one of my eighth-grader team observed on Thursday!

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