06 March, 2013

A forgotten birthday

I forgot my birthday. Actually, it wasn't my birthday, it was this blog's birthday. Last Saturday, the 4th anniversary of this blog's beginning, slipped by unnoticed!

Last year I had a party and I invited people to answer some questions. This year? Sorry, I can't do food . . .

I had so much fun reading your comments last time, how about some different questions for you?

1. Tell us a time when you forgot someone's birthday.
2. What's the craziest birthday party you've ever attended?
3. What were you doing four years ago when this blog began?
4. Can you tell us an encouragement you've received from reading "on the edge of ordinary"?

And a question from last year:
5. A memorable post.

Or, just drop by and say, "Hi".


Karen said...

1. Today. It's my husband's 40th. I only remembered when I got a text from my sister this morning wishing him a happy birthday. In my defence, we have sickness visiting here and are in that joyful phase of waiting for the next person to come down with it....
2. My brother in law's 40th last year. Crazy because it went ahead in pouring rain, we had to help him slice up a whole rump of steak for the BBQ and he had a black birthday cake (a tribute to his heavy metal music addiction...)
3. Looking forward to having our third baby after a long time trying to conceive. Happy days.
4. Discovering that you go through similar ups and downs to me! And meeting you in person last year, that was pretty encouraging too.
5. I don't have a single post that springs to mind but I do enjoy your object identification posts. Always interesting to learn something new.

Judie said...

This may take a while.
$ years ago! Wow.

Judie said...

* 4 years ago

Judie said...

1 I forget so many,it's hard to choose. Even niece & nephew. I got Dad to come to Toowoomba for his birthday last year & got to almost lunchtime before I remembered why we were going out for tea. Will that do?
2 Probably my 24th or 25th. We had an International Evening, every dish had an OS name or origin. Spring rolls from China, Spag Bol from Italy, Something European for dessert, like Chocolate Bavarian. I mad Suez water to drink: Pineapple juice & (I think) lime Soft drink, with scraps of mint floating on top. It was brownish, tasted delicious, & nobody wanted to try it.
3 Four years. 2008. I THINK I might have been trying to cope with having Neil at home or, more likely, having to visit him every day in hospital while he waited for a high-care nursing home bed.
4 I guess it's a reminder that things happen & we cope. Mostly, though, it's inspiring to see that even our poor efforts can make a difference to others.
5 Hmmm. All the outback adventure ones? Such a reminder of having been there about a year before.
I wish I could drop by physically, not just an electronic visit.

Sarah said...

1. Recently actually. Thankfully Facebook reminded me. I had that feeling that it was someone's birthday but couldn't remember who.

2. A friend's 30th four years ago. She had the the theme 'dress up as something to do with her'. She had chooks so I came dressed as a chook. So the party itself wasn't crazy; I just came in a crazy costume.

3. Living in a tiny place called Buntine in the Wheatbelt area of WA (north of Perth). Duncan and I had been married for less than a year. I was working in retail in the nearest town which was 50km away and had just started studying business at TAFE.

4. Your posts that you did for your friend's Bible college assignment about being a missionary. Eye-opening and encouraging.

5. The one about people lurking on blogs but not commenting.

Happy 4th Blogiversary A Life Less Ordinary!

P.S. I visited a church in Perth last week which supports you and we saw your latest newsletter. :)

Sarah said...

Oops I meant 'On the Edge of Ordinary'...getting confused with the movie! ;)