01 March, 2013

A strange set of weeks

Last week when I went away to lead the Writer's Workshop, I ushered in a strange six-week period in our house. A period of time where there is at least one member of our family is away for at least two nights in every week (Sun-Sat). That might not be strange to some of you, but it is unusual for us.
A photo from David's trip to Thailand last year.

  • Today our 13 y.o. left for a three-day youth group camp (they call it a retreat). 
  • Next week I go to a two-night ladies retreat.
  • The following week David leaves for Thailand with the Senior for their ministry trip for eight nights.
  • While he's away our 13 y.o. goes to on an overnight excursion to Kyoto with his class.
  • The day David returns our 7 and 10 y.o.'s go to a two-night soccer camp.
  • Two days after they return we will go off together as a family on a post-winter camping celebration.

For one thing, trying to organise my evening meal menu is getting a bit more complicated than usual. Meal planning is another whole topic, I realise, but I rely on it so much. The time to begin cooking the evening meal is so busy that there is no room for thinking about what we might have. It is a big time-saver to have it up there on the fridge. Not to mention an anxiety-saver!

But for now, I have plenty of editing work that I need to get done before the two younger boys come home for the weekend in just over an hour, so I'll see you later.

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