08 March, 2013

Monday is a the two year anniversary of the giant earthquake

Next Monday is the 2nd year anniversary of the Great Tohoku Disaster (earthquake, tsunami, followed by the nuclear power plant catastrophe). There are a variety of stories surfacing again. It isn't common to find stories involving missionaries in the secular press, but here is one in the Wall Street Journal's "Japan Real Time".
Our local grocery store the week after the disaster (that
was more than 300km away from us).

I've also become aware of a 24 hour prayer event for the disaster affected area (and Japan as a whole) that anyone can join. If you were touched by the event and even the reports on this blog, consider signing up to pray for just a little while on Monday. Check here for details

I'm just back from a two-day women in ministry retreat and haven't had as much beauty sleep as I need, so I'm a bit blurry eyed. But I will be posting more about what's happened since the earthquake here next week. Tomorrow I'll let you in on some of the fun and excitement of our women's retreat.

Till then...

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