07 March, 2013

How Japanese mangle English

At Curves recently they put up a large light blue poster with lots of membership numbers and corresponding names on it. This word was at the top of the paper:

チ    = chi
ナ    = na
プ   = pu
ラ = ra

Can you guess what the word is? 

Hint: it comes from English.


Georgia said...

Is it a type of metal? Or a status indicated by a precious metal?

OliveTree said...

Not a clue! I even tried sounding it out!

Janet Camilleri said...

Chin up? China? Nup dunno!

Martha said...

A league table of who can do the most chin ups on a bar? Sounding it out I get... Chin up ura. I don't know what "URA" is meant to be tho!

Caroline said...

I was wondering something similar to Martha, except that I thought the word might be "pull-chin", but I thought it unlikely that there would be a list on the wall.

Wendy said...

Some nice guesses here! I'll post the answer tomorrow morning.