10 March, 2013

Tomorrow is the second anniversary: we will remember.

I don't know if the second anniversary of Japan's triple disasters will appear in your local media. So I've collected some links to stories, and photos here:

Two years later: three images of Japan's barren tsunami coast 2 years on.

Japan's recovery, two years later (18 photo images)

Revisiting Fukushima's Ghost Towns (15 images)

After Fukushima: families on the edge of meltdown

The one remaining citizen in the nuclear exclusion zone seen at his home in Tomioka town, Fukushima prefecture.

Japanese Police Still Search For Missing Victims after the 2011 tsunami.

If you want to, you can go back to some of the posts I wrote at the time, in order to remember the big impact it had on our lives, even though we were hundreds of kilometres away from the affected area:

The next day, a fuller account, but still with no idea of the longer-term impact nor the magnitude of the disaster.
Day five brought new challenges.
And a post showing all too clearly some of the uncomfortable emotional shifts that I went through during this difficult period.
Two weeks later.

Tomorrow I will blog about some of the hope that we're seeing in the area and some of the Christian work that is going on there.

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