21 March, 2013

Social Values in Japan

I'm tired and need to take some time out before the boys come home. Once they're home it will be full on for most of the rest of the day, so I'm going to pull a post out of my draft pile.

This is an article from the Japan Times titled Prized Japanese Social Values. It's from a study that an American did about social values that Japanese children are being trained in. The top three don't surprise me, but the fourth does.

Let's hear what you think. What are do you think the top four Japanese social values would be? And then let's compare.


Ken Rolph said...

"quick soul-baring or intense emotionality"

This bit was the most interesting for me. I find that if you spend more than a day with Americans you end up knowing more about them than you wanted to. Then they go around excitedly telling everyone that you are their new best friend. Perhaps it is because Americans relocate themselves so often that they get used to instant friendships. This article says that the find calmness difficult to interpret. I find Americans handle badly older Australian being laconic.

They seem to live life as if in a constant pep talk for a basketball game.

Wendy said...

Whoa Ken, some huge generalisations here. Yes, there are some Americans like this, but there are introverts! I know quite a few. Two I see fairly regularly, and I struggle to get any kind of conversation going with them at all.

Ken Rolph said...

I can only base it on the ones I have met in person. Perhaps the shy retiring ones don't make it all the way to Australia.