13 March, 2013

Answer to the Mangled English question

Last Thursday I asked you to see if you could decipher some English mangled by the Japanese language.

I was a bit tricky, however. The "key" I gave you wasn't in the order that the characters appeared in the word. The word was:

This is my ordinary member's card.
This reads Purachina.

It means "platinum", a rare and precious metal.

The context was a Curves, where they apparently give you a "Gold Card" if you've been a member for more than three years and a "Platinum Card" if you've been a member for more than five years. In typical Japanese fashion they put the name of everyone who'd achieved these statuses on a poster.

Unfortunately, though I've been a Curves member for over five years, I don't get either card. Because I've changed gyms twice, and both times internationally, I'm still a "less than three year" member of their local gym in their eyes. Oh well, next time I'll make it, though I don't really know what it means to own a "Gold Card", except that they give you some small gift.

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