26 March, 2013

Dizzy from remembering

Oh my, I've just made myself dizzy by writing our prayer letter. Every month I write a prayer letter and one "column" is "On the Home Front" where I write about what we've all been up to in the last month. It normally looks a little crazy, but this month is just insane. Here's an edited version of what I've written:
To say March has been busy would be an under-statement. It was rather like musical chairs around the dining room table, and difficult to keep up with everyone’s schedules.
To add to the craziness, our younger two started karate classes! 
  Our eldest went with his class to Kyoto and Nara overnight. He had a great time, although is now trying to complete the project that went with the trip: a detailed scrapbook about what they saw (which included much history). Earlier in the month he went on three day youth group camp in the snow and had an outrageous time.
  David held the fort while Wendy went away for two nights to the women’s retreat. His absence for nine days in Thailand, gave Wendy plenty to do at home. It got even stranger as  trip away was during David’s absence. So for a couple of days it was only Wendy, and the younger two at home. 
  The same day David returned from Thailand, our 7 and 10 y.o.s left for soccer camp, but they missed each other by half an hour. So David, Wendy, and our 13 y.o. had a very quiet weekend without them at the start of CAJ’s Spring Break.
  Thank you for your prayers this month!

B is where we're headed.
In Christ, David and Wendy

Tomorrow, though, we're going away. We're starting the 2013 camping season a little bit early! Today is a bit chilly at 11 degrees Celsius, but the rest of the week is forecast to be warmer than that, even up to 20 degrees on Thursday, so we're hoping for a joyful departure from the city for a few days.

I've warned the boys that tonight we're drawing up a list that will cover almost all the jobs required of us over the next few days and they will be volunteering for jobs! Hopefully this will make their responsibilities very clear to them and we'll all be able to relax a little more.

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