15 March, 2013

My husband's gone away for a while

This morning my husband kissed me goodbye while I still lay in bed (yes, I didn't get up to say goodbye, that is normal for early morning marital farewells in our house). He's gone with the Seniors (Year 12s) on their much anticipated class trip to Thailand. He'll be gone eight days.
This is a photo from early on in our
time in Japan. We've had to rely on
each other more than if we'd lived in
our home country. And therefore have,
perhaps, a tighter bond than we other-
wise would.

I'm not so worked up about it as I was last year when he went (see here as I admitted my weakness in this area). I don't like him being gone, but I survived. Plus, I have many friends who have more frequent husband-absences and who I really admire for being able to do this. As I type, I think about my very good friend with six children who has to deal with long absences, and another who had three under three when her husband was deployed overseas.

I wrote this time last year about this verse: "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13, NIV. Indeed, I can do everything that my God gives me to do, in the strength that He also gives.

I just got a text saying they're about to get on the plane. I love my man and hate to see him leave, even for a short while. But as I said to my 7 y.o. this morning, who expressed the same sentiment, "The Seniors need him just now, so we'll lend him to them for a bit." He seemed happy with that.

Yesterday I also expressed the sentiment to a colleague that these short separations are good for our marriage. They help us to appreciate each other so much more. It is easy to take for granted how much the other parent does in a busy family, and how much we appreciate them just being there as a back-up. I hate having no backup. I'm it for the next eight days (well, I do have my heavenly Father, but He doesn't generally wash the dishes or supervise showers).

But as for now, I have business to take care of before the weekend, and three boys, are upon me. See you later!

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