11 March, 2013

2 years on, we remember (a couple more links)

Here are a couple more links:

Fukuin no ie. The Christian centre that took the
Fukushima church refugees in for a time.
This is an article about the 150 member church whose building was very close to the nuclear power station that released radiation. They made news in Christian circles because they evacuated as a group, about 60 of them moved to various locations, before settling for some time at the Christian retreat centre that also took us in last year in the middle of a typhoon. It seems that they are finally back in Fukushima and have built a chapel a bit further distant from the reactors.

Here is a moving lyric video written for this anniversary.

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Shan in Japan said...

Thanks for sharing, Wendy. I read most of the articles, looked at most of the pictures/videos that you posted here. I also shared the lyric video on Facebook.
Wish I could have been at the retreat this year, sounds lovely. One week before home assignment didn't quite fit into my schedule well this year.
Blessings! Thank you for continuing to share your heart for Japan, family and life!