12 May, 2009


I've just been trawling through all my posts since starting this blog in March. I'm looking for some gems to include in a magazine article that I need to write by Saturday. But I found a couple of posts that need follow-up here. Last week I wrote here that I would let you know how I went after being all messed up with public holidays. After Monday and Tuesday were off, Wednesday felt like Monday and Thursday mostly felt like Tuesday. Friday was pretty standard and felt like a legitimate end of the week, so I guess I missed Wednesday and Thursday somewhere! Way back in March I wrote about us starting homeschooling full-time for the first time and promised that I'd let you know how it was going. Well it has worked well. I have enthusiastic student(s) most of the time. And our middle son, for whom this was all designed, is starting to really gain confidence in reading and not shun it like he used to (even a few weeks ago). That is exciting, because I can say we did it on MY shift - he's never been to an English speaking school and yet is learning to read!!! The other goal we had for this short homeschooling experience was to reduce rather than increase stress for our son and actually the whole family, really. That also appears to be in the process of being achieved. Yay! We're not particularly missing kindergarten. Our son's only real complaint is that he is a little lonely, though for the most part he and his little brother are getting along well and provide good companionship for each other. Thankfully this is a short stop-gap situation and he'll soon have heaps of fellow students when he starts school in Australia in July.

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