07 May, 2009

Off balance

I realised yesterday that I am feeling off balance. A number of factors to this, so I'll make a list :)
  1. Let's start with the Women's retreat on Friday and Saturday - a significant change in routine that was great, but it takes a while to get back into routine afterwards.
  2. A new computer last week. My husband and I have spent most of the last week fiddling, transferring and exploring our new computer. We're nearly up to speed. Changing from a PC to a Mac is even worse than changing cars. It takes a while to discover how to do what came almost subconsiously on the old computer.
  3. Packing up. We've started some serious packing in the last week. Our walls are looking bare, and bookshelves naked. Again, things I used to know where to find have moved or been packed, not to be seen again for 15 months. I really relate to a missionary friend who wrote in her blog here about her bag and where it usually hangs.
  4. Public holidays. This week CAJ took Monday and Tuesday off, which was great, but again a change in routine can put you off balance. Japan in general also took Wednesday off, so the gym was closed yesterday too. (I'm looking forward to going back tonight.)
Is that enough? I'm hoping that not too many other things come flying our way in the next few weeks, I'll be enough off balance without any extra help.

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Melissa said...

I understand. We only had one public holiday this week but I have had no idea what day it is for most of the week. I love to have an extra day in the weekend but it messes with the calendar in my head.