17 May, 2009

I packed and other interesting news from the weekend.

Yes - the good news is that I packed a box yesterday and contributed to numerous others! Colleagues of my husband looked after the boys for six hours and allowed us to pack...and have lunch together in peace at home for the first time in we can't remember how long. Usually if we have a babysitter for a date, we go out! Still it was unusually peaceful and helps you to realise how much energy is emitted by young children and especially boys. We have a reason why we are constantly tired. Now, however, there are almost none of our beloved books on the shelves. No photos left. My (electronic) piano is gone. Two shelves have gone. The hook which in winter I use to hang my gown on was gone until I protested that I still hang my light jacket on it in this mid-season. I was wearing it yesterday and because it "stood empty" it got packed. Remind me not to stand still and look empty, won't you? I threw out more toys and my wardrobe is thinning. We have only 100kg of luggage space. After that we will post whatever else we deem indispensable. We're keeping to a minimum what we take to Australia. How few clothes can I live with for the time being? I'm planning to go shopping in the land where I can buy clothes that fit me which say M not LL! (No, I don't lose weight on the aeroplane, the sizing is smaller here.) So, I've purged my wardrobe fairly well. I'd forgotten how invasive packing up a house is. You have to pry into corners that you'd rather not. Make decisions you'd rather not. It challenges your committment to Stuff. Brings back some balance to the question 'What is really important?' Packing to leave your stuff for a year brings extra challenges. What will you still want in a year? What if you end up not coming back - what would you like sent to you in Australia if this unlikely scenario occurs? We also had a video conference over Skype on Friday night with a group called our HMT or Homeside Ministries Team. They are organising practical details for us like a house, furniture, car and medical appointments. They also give us advice and pray for us. What a wonderful team! By the way, if any of you live in Brisbane and have a Fridge-freezer, washing machine or printer which you could lend us for a year, please let us know. But for now I will go back to my rapidly-becoming-naked house.


Simone R. said...

We have a washing machine that you're welcome to.

Wendy said...

Thanks Simone, I passed your name and ph number on to the person who is coordinating our household stuff!