28 May, 2009

Numbers and FInishing

I have all sorts of numbers flying around in my head: 4 weeks = 28 days until we fly 1 day until my son's birthday and I celebrate 10 years of being a mum! 2 weeks and 4 days until we move out of this house 7 weeks until our children start school again 2 weeks until my husband finishes work 3 1/2 months until I've been married 12 years (not, actually this one hasn't been foremost, but I thought I'd throw it in for dramatic effect) I also realised last night that we are moving rapidly into the 'disengaged' phase of transition. Not just emotionally, but actually. We've been finishing stuff for the last few months: Kindy Teaching Sunday School Writing various newsletters and prayer letters for various people (except our own) Playing for Sunday School School (9 y.o.) Writing critique group (ALOA :) ) Then last night I finished at the gym and gave back my membership card. They were very touching, giving me a special farewell card. It was a nice touch that I'd lost 0.5 kg in the last 6 weeks too, must be all that stress. It occurs to me that soon we'll be sitting around looking at each other, but with nothing to distract us from the ugly truth that we are moving and leaving and have no responsibilities but ourselves. We'll even be giving away all our keys, our car, pack up almost all that is familiar to us and actually leave. Sounds obvious, doesn't it. But it still is a little shocking. However, now I am still homeschooling, so I'd better get to it and stop pondering my navel (which, by the way, is a few mm closer to my backbone than it was at the beginning of April, according to Curves!).

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Tim and Susan said...

We get a kick out of all the funny English too.

I am sure moving, packing and all the "last"s and goodbyes are hard and emotionally draining.
Hang in there. God will enable you all.