20 May, 2009

An Elephant

There is an elephant in the room. We are meeting school staff today to talk about the elephant, get it out in the open. The staff have made a plan about how to manage the elephant and want to tell us about their plan. I am frustrated. I want to talk about the elephant to people (like on this blog), but for privacy sake (not my own), it is better not to own up to having an elephant in the room to the wider public. If you ask me about it in private, I'll tell you, though. Make any sense? Probably not, though you're going to be left to your own deductive devices now as I cannot write any more. Perhaps if I were more poetical I could wax lyrical without you having a clue about what I was saying, but I am not. I am too honest, too direct. Dangerous.

1 comment:

Cat said...

I like the elephant. Well not the actual elephant, obviously, but I like the metaphor. I'm praying for you. I hope the meeting goes well.