04 May, 2009

Public holidays mess with my internal calendar

I am a bit confused this weekend. It is a 'long weekend' due to public holidays, however with the retreat tacked onto the start my head feels all messed up. First I went away Friday and Saturday, without husband or children and came home tired (like the end of a week). Then we got up and went to church on Sunday (which is always a good anchor). Then this morning I slept in (a little), just like on a Saturday and we've had a fairly typical 'Saturday' even though it is a Monday on my wall calendar. So - will I race out of bed and head for church tomorrow? Actually I am planning to take the boys to a large park for a few hours and a picnic to get us all out of the house while my "packing expert" husband does what he does best - pack! And then the next day, Wednesday on the wall calendar, everyone will go back to their usual routines but in my head we'll still be on Monday. Anyone else have problems like this? You will find a good explanation of why we have public holidays this weekend here. Actually for once the Japanese have more holidays that those of us at CAJ (Christian Academy in Japan). We're very thankful for what we've got, though. A small break in the weekly routine is actually useful for catching up and getting some headway into the packing. I'll let you know how I go!


Stan and Faith said...

All Monday I thought we'd be heading to church the next day because it felt like Saturday again! This is going to be a strange week! Hope you found an alternative to the park with the rain today!

Wendy said...

It started to rain just as we drove up to the park, but thankfully very lightly. Actually we went to Kouko koen (aeroplane park) in Tokorozawa. It has a built-in rain alternative. The flight museum and our boys love it. So we went there. After lunch it was only raining lightly so we found some trees in the park to climb and then went to a 100 yen shop when it got too heavy. I'm getting better at rainy days!