15 May, 2009

Queasy tummy?

I don't like poetry. Almost never read it, never write it, but this week a blogging friend started a round-about rhyme which people could contribute. I did and my name is now at the bottom of this poem, even though I only contributed a very small amount. A warning, don't go and look if you have a queasy tum. It is called "In my digestive tract".


Simone R. said...

It was fun and you did well. Funny... but I never thought of giving it the moral 'wash your hands!' slant - though I had considered a few different directions in which it could progress. I read it to one of the kids tonight to remind him to scrub those nails like I say! So thanks.

You say you don't like poetry. If that's the case, I think you've probably just not yet discovered the sort that you do like. So many different sorts. One day you'll find something that appeals and really enjoy it.

Wendy said...

It was fun and I'd do it again, Simone. Glad that it came into practical use. Us mums-of-boys need all the help we can get in the hygiene department.

My comment "I don't like poetry" is probably too categorical. I do like Aussie bush poetry, but as a rule would pick up a prose book over a poetry book any day.

Mrs Q said...

I did this too - on the nicer one.