27 May, 2009

Lean larder

We don't have a pantry in the Western large-kitchen sense. We have small cupboards and corners in various places where we store food. Here are two. They are usually fairly full of food: The third is our small chest freezer, which is also almost empty, as you can see. Actually I took this photo a couple of days ago and the cheese has already disappeared into the fridge for immediate use. From today, though, I have three boys at home all the time for another two weeks before my husband finishes work. So, now I have to take them all out for some PE in the park :-)


Anonymous said...

Are you having those wierd meals of odd left over things that need to be eaten? That can be the most interesting part of packing up!

Hip Jen

Wendy said...

Some of our meals are a little bit weird. Especially I'm getting creative with soup. It is not particularly soup weather (getting to mid or high 20s some days). The other day I used up some gnocchi, trick is that our boys don't like gnocchi. So I had to come up with an easy meal (I don't do any others) that included gnocchi for us and something else for them. Settled on creme of chicken soup (which I'm also trying to use up), left-over chicken, pasta (for them) and the fore mentioned gnocchi for us. It went okay!